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Personalized art gallery with a lot of gay animes' and original characters'


16.Switch clothing

Thomas and Vincent would be interesting since they could look similar if they swapped outfits as well if they’re hair length was the same (if Thomas’s hair wasn’t so long and if he had his hair down). Vincent probably be against wearing his bother’s trenchcoat and scarf if it hasn’t been washed enough. Along while Thomas will try to feel dapper in Vincent’s attire(but really he’s just mocking him).

What is the best tasting blood, or rather, what do most of the vampires here think is the best type of blood?

Any blood will do, as long as it’s from a healthy host (or else it could result in a stomach ache for awhile), but each of my vampires have a specific type that they prefer. Though i imagine the universal type would be the tastiest, especially that’s rather rare to find sometimes.

Cornelius, can you tell me if vampires are stronger and/or faster than the average human, or is that a myth?

Cornelius: They are indeed magnificent in every shape and form, only the highest class can enjoy hunting for our grande feast and look fabulous all at once. Course the commoners lack elegance and are rather barbaric when they hunt. I on the other hand, prefer to feast with grace and drink the delicious red nectar of human aristocrats. Neither one of them could escape my grasp, so i suppose you could say the myths are indeed real. I’d like to see if any “mere mortal” could scurry away quick enough before i slit their delicate little throats. <3 

What are all your plans for Halloween? Do you celebrate like most others, or celebrate your own way?

If my oc’s were gathered together and put aside their bad blood, i’d imagine they redecorate Eleanor’s entire manor to look like a masquerade ball to celebrate Hallow’s eve.Every one of my vampires/werewolves would be presented in their best attire specially made for them (thx to the servants who don’t get paid enough). Although it could very well be another trap to lure in humans from the nearby village in London. and it might stir up a fight if they’re not careful.

As for myself personally, i just stay home and watch paranormal shows cuz i’m a nerd.

Eleanor, besides bathing in blood, what else do you do to relax?

My beloved princess enjoys to sit isolated away from her servants to enjoy a soothing cup of bloody tea. Something to clear her thoughts regarding her obsessive father, her solders who whine and bicker among one another, and the rebellious vampires who exist solely to cut her head clean off for the sake of freedom from her bloody red talons. It’s never easy for her position of being an antagonist. Although at times she enjoys being around Lyra, she silently grows found of her innocents something different than her usual crowd. 

"Cornelius"; 6, 9, and 10?

6.What is something that they really regret?: Losing his eye while fighting off the rebellious vampires. Even more so that it tainted his beauty, so since then he couldn’t feel his best while being around his cohorts.

Now something they really love?: Himself, he’s absolutely obsessed with his beauty and nothing else (and of course his lover, Charles, as wel as Dante being his guilty pleasure).

10.How does your OC react when they’re embarrassed?: He would try his best to brush it off and try to maintain his position of being “the best and more beautiful creature”. Regardless he would kick himself just for being caught in a embarrassing moment.

"Lyra"; 8, 9, and 12?


8.What is something they really hate?: She really despises her mom and older sister, because they are very abusive towards her (much like the Cinderella scenario). Her mother blames her for being born as a “mistake”.

9.Now something they really love?: Lyra really loves small animals that exist within the forest (especially her two bats who look after her during tough times).

12.Are they a morning person or a night owl?: Night owl, because she can sneak out of her cottage and venture out to play with her pet bats.

Ask me about my OC #2


  1. What is their worst fear?
  2. Does your OC have a temper?
  3. Religious beliefs?
  4. Height?
  5. Weight?
  6. What is something that they really regret?
  7. Something they’re proud of?
  8. What is something they really hate?
  9. Now something they really love?
  10. How does your OC react when they’re embarrassed?
  11. Birthday!
  12. Are they a morning person or a night owl?
  13. Is there anything you would have changed about your OC?
  14. If you could compare your OC to an animal what would that be?
  15. Give me a description of their family
  16. Switch clothing between two of your OCs!
  17. Are they good with technology?

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my ocs’ will thank you 

my ocs’ generally recieve little to 0 notes here, but since i been drawing each of them covered in their own blood it seems to gather a large crowd of people liking it…….it seems i found my answer

small bits of my antagonists’ while i style experiment